Visiting ancient Pompeii: sensations and tips

Pompei antica

01 Feb Visiting ancient Pompeii: sensations and tips


First time you get to Ancient Pompeii you think you know much about Ancient Pompeii: it’s the world most famous archaeological site. Thousands movies, TV shows and books represent it but still the touching visit to a 2000 years old city is extraordinary experience, not easy to explain.

What surprises you is an urban area still intact, a time travel into the past where people apparently live happy before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

A special time machine which brings you to a place full of ancient proofs, where buildings are still in their original spots and important people’s life is even now recognisable.

It’s not the artistic perspective but the chance to live as 2000 years ago that impresses you.


When you pass through the entryway in Ancient Pompeii you are inside the city walls.

Streets are perfectly marked and you can also find crosswalks made of big stones which allowed people go back and forth the sidewalks, without going down the muddy street.

There are houses from different epochs where you can admire welcome areas, gardens, frescoes and private rooms.

You can visit the Forum, where Ancient Pompeii citizens went for shopping, pray and administrate justice in the assigned buildings.

Moreover, there are Thermae – public baths -, which were the heart of social life; two theatres and the big Amphitheatre, famous for the gladiator games; shops and ancient cafés where people had meals and a glass of wine.

Where else in the world can you live such a unique experience?


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